Rules and Regulations

1. You, the parents and students, may be assured that your classes are instructed and disciplined in a manner keenly associated with proper and correct dance education.  Classes are taught by a lead teacher along with assistant teachers and student helpers.
2. It is my desire to provide you with excellent results.  This can only be accomplished by you and your child’s patience and cooperation. I will be happy to discuss progress with you at any time.
3.  A positive and supportive attitude is expected from all students and their parents.  I reserve the right to dismiss any students or parents who upset the harmony of the school after the third time of discipline, especially when other students want to change class or even quit due to that child or parent.  If a student misbehaves or is disruptive the first time is a warning, second time they sit and watch their class the third time they are asked to go into the waiting room.
4.  I am not responsible for any injuries sustained while in class or on the premises that are not supervised.  I am also not responsible for lost articles.
5.  For the benefit of the students, parents or friends will not be allowed to watch the class being conducted weekly, as it tends to disturb the students.  When one is learning how to dance, he/she does not perform to the best ability when someone else is present.  However, I will schedule a time when parents will be allowed to watch their child’s class.  The 3 year olds will have the door open the first few lessons until the children feel comfortable being in the studio.
6. The measure of success attained during the first few months is a major factor in shaping the proper attitude toward dance and influencing future dance achievement.  I ask that the parents encourage the students by showing interest and enthusiasm and see that they practice as much as they can fit into their schedule.
7. If your child has a physical or emotional problem, please bring it to my attention before the first lesson.  This way we will be prepared to give your child the extra understanding and assistance they may need.


1.  Child must be properly attired for lessons preferably:
* Leotard with or without a skirt and tights
* Dance shorts or pants with leotard maybe worn for tap & jazz with tights or socks
* Classical ballet and lyrical must wear leotard with skirt and tights.
* Hip Hop must wear dance pants or shorts with tank top or tee shirt (NO   street clothes) If tee shirts are worn they must be plain or dance related logos.  Sports bras are better for support than bras but either has to match the color of the leotard worn.  All tights must be footed and worn with all shoes! NO holey tights! If student is not properly dressed the first time is a warning, second time they sit and watch their class the third time they will not be allowed in the class room. The proper shoe for each class will be discussed the week of orientation. All the above is available at the supply shop attached to the studio. We appreciate the patronage.

2.  Hair must be worn off the face!!  (“ponytail” if possible)  NO jewelry

3.  Teachers will be addressed by first name with “Miss” before it.

4.  No gum, candy or drink while taking a lesson.  (except for water)

5.  NO electronic or cell devices in the class room!

6.  Students need to be on time for class and ready to dance.  Pupils must wait in the waiting room until called into class for their lessons.  The supply store is NOT the waiting room.  Parents, please come into the waiting room to drop off and pick up your child.  The students are told to wait inside for their ride.

7.  Please use the parking lot in the rear of the building and enter into the waiting room to drop off and pick up your child.     DO NOT PARK IN THE FRONT OF THE PLAZA AND CUT THRU THE SUPPLY STORE!!  That is not available to us.  It is for the other stores patrons.